Foodie Friday:  Ribs don't always have to be covered in smoky bbq sauce, although it is very delicious! These Asian Beef Short Ribs are a great alternative. A fantastic way to enjoy some great Australian Beef combined with tasty Asian flavours.

Foodie Friday:  It's no secret that muffins aren't exactly the healthiest snack choice. But if you choose ones that are also packed with plenty of goodness, like these Energy Muffins, then you can enjoy a little treat and the energy boost that comes with it without feeling too guilty.

Designing a new kitchen is certainly no mean feat. There are a lot of questions to ask (of yourself and your designer), style, materials, finishes, and appliances choices to make, and perhaps most importantly, practicality and functionality requirements to consider. After all, when it is all said and done, a kitchen that looks amazing but is almost impossible to use effectively is a pretty big waste of time, effort and precious money. And nobody wants that. 

It is obvious that technology is rapidly creeping into more and more facets of our everyday life. Our homes, and particularly our kitchens, are no exception. But just because we have access to endless amounts of amazing technology and resources to develop these new and exciting gadgets and gizmos, does that mean we should?  Or perhaps are some things better left untouched? 

There is no denying that Easter is a very special time of the year. For some, it has deeply religious connections and is steeped in those rich customs and traditions. For others, the traditions may also be just as rich but the focus is perhaps more around gathering with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and having the entire long weekend to do it. And not to forget the chocolate, another very popular Easter tradition. 

It’s a common question among homeowners who are looking to make a significant change to their current living situation. Do we go with a kitchen renovation, or do we buy a new home? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all correct answer to this question. And there are many factors that contribute to which option is best for each individual situation.

Foodie Friday:  If you love sweet treats and frozen desserts, then what better than a recipe that combines them both?! This Frozen Caramel Slice is the ultimate indulgence and because it's kept in the freezer you can always have some ready to go.