Harrington Kitchens can help you design the perfect kitchen with design solutions for every budget. While looking through luxurious kitchen design magazines it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the financial side of your renovation. Here are some ways to maximise your kitchen renovation budget without sacrificing on quality and functionality.

Planning an efficient kitchen is a process that should not be rushed. Many people understandably overlook kitchen waste disposal and under-the-sink storage. With general waste, compost, recycling, taking meal clean up into consideration when designing your kitchen will make your routine tasks a lot easier. Clever, concealed kitchen garbage designs mean you can keep your trash organised and ensure your kitchen remains tidy without having an unpleasant, exposed flip-top bin.

While kitchen cabinets may be the most visible feature in the kitchen, there are smaller unique details and which can add your personal touch to the heart of your home. It’s not just about the bold design elements that bring big results, it’s all about the finer and unique kitchen details too. You have finished planning your kitchen layout, selected your colour scheme and finalised your bench top material; now choose the perfect finishing touches to really make your kitchen your own.

  We all know mirrors help make any room appear larger but they are also a tiny detail that can create a big impact in your kitchen. A well-placed mirror in your kitchen design such as a mirrored splashback is a sneaky design trick to double your kitchen size and help light bounce around the room. If you are looking for the finishing touch to make a statement in your kitchen take a look at how to use mirrors in your kitchen.

A smart option for choosing a kitchen colour scheme is to choose a combination of shades that will stand the test of time as it will be favoured by the majority of homeowners and won’t go out of style. You can make any kitchen colour scheme work as long as it is used in the right way and accompanied with the right colours and materials. Try these simple colour schemes whether you are starting your kitchen project from scratch or updating your kitchen.

As a kitchen renovation is a large investment and one of the most valuable remodeling projects, you want your kitchen to last for many years to come and never go out of style. Kitchen trends are always changing and the last thing you want is a kitchen that looks dated in a couple of years. Avoid these kitchen design trends for a timeless and trend-proof kitchen makeover you won’t regret.

As the way we live is continuously evolving and getting busier everyday, the way we design kitchens are changing to suit our lifestyles. Alterations in living designs are most evident in kitchens and bathrooms as they encompass the bulk of our everyday routines. We show you the most notable trends in kitchens from lifestyle and open-planned living to technological innovations to help you create a modern kitchen which suits your everyday needs.