When designing a new kitchen or renovating an outdated kitchen, there are many elements to be taken into consideration. Nothing is more important than choosing the right kitchen design and layout that suits you and your lifestyle but there are some elements that you may not have thought of because they are things you can’t see. To truly make your kitchen the heart of your home, ensure you consider these kitchen elements in your kitchen renovation planning.

A kitchen island is a multi-functional and diverse element which can be custom made to suit your cooking requirements. Their many functions range from acting as an integral component of your kitchen work triangle to providing an extra seating area for entertaining. Here are 5 elements of a kitchen island you will need to consider to create a practical and functional island design.

Cabinetry is an essential part of any kitchen as they are subjected to intense use everyday and largely impact the look and feel of the whole room. It is important to make sure that your cabinet doors and drawers are easy to use, hardwearing and suit your kitchen style. Choosing your kitchen cabinet door style can be difficult as they set the tone of the kitchen. Read on to find out which cabinet style will work best for your kitchen.

The laundry is often the smallest room in the house however, it is a practical room which must not be overlooked. An organised and well-equipped laundry with practical storage is essential for making the most out of your space. Use these laundry design tips to help you create a functional and stylish laundry and make your everyday routine seem like less of a chore.

Splashbacks are an important part of the kitchen as they protect the walls from moisture and cooking debris while adding an aesthetic feature. Glass is a very popular kitchen splashback material as it offers a modern, streamlined look and is a common alternative to tiles. Glass splashbacks complement contemporary kitchen styles and offer many advantages over other splashback materials.

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, for many modern families it is a gathering area for eating, socialising and bonding with the family. Therefore it is important for your kitchen to not only be functional but also stylish and personalised to suit your taste. A well-designed and stylish kitchen renovation with high quality materials and a stylish design interior can provide a great return on investment for your home. Use these simple and effective tips to add style and beauty to your kitchen.

White kitchens are a timeless and classic investment to your home, creating a bright and spacious cooking environment. As the kitchen is a place that inspires you to create delicious meals, it should also be a place for you to show your true style. Stylish white kitchens are a popular design choice, however if you find yourself wanting to change up the look or you are craving a splash of colour, take a look at these modern ideas for adding colour to a white kitchen.

Your kitchen is a natural gathering place in your home and a cluttered and unorganized space can have a huge impact on the atmosphere in your living area. If you put off organizing and cleaning your kitchen, soon enough it could turn into a chaotic mess, making simple tasks such as preparing breakfast can seem like a hassle. Follow these 7 steps to organize your kitchen, help your daily household routines run smoothly and enjoy the time you spend in the hub of your home.