In a modern lifestyle, busy working families spend a lot of time in their kitchen. With the kitchen being the central station in the home, checking work emails and social media at breakfast or helping the kids with their homework while cooking dinner is most likely a daily ritual. If integrating a workstation near your cooking area would be a functional feature in your home, read on to find out how to work a desk into your kitchen.

G-shaped kitchens are ideal for large families with busy lifestyles who love to cook and entertain. They are great if you have a large open space to work with and offer the benefits of extra storage and bench top space. The G-shape kitchen layout provides the same efficiency of a U-shaped kitchen but has an extra unit attached, which can be utilized as extra preparation space, an eating area or kitchen bar.

Having a small kitchen area doesn’t mean it has to be small on style and efficiency as well. It just means you have to be careful about your kitchen design and make the most of the space you have. Small kitchens can have minimal clutter and maximum style with some clever considerations. Create some kitchen style with these creative design elements for smaller kitchen spaces.

The galley kitchen has a long and narrow layout and can be one of the best uses of space. By nature, galley kitchens may seem small and cramped but are one of the most efficient and functional layouts for cooking, which is why many commercial kitchens are designed this way. Galley kitchen layouts work best when designed with the clean up and preparation area on one side and appliances installed on the opposite side, meaning two people can work without colliding. Here are some space-saving galley kitchen ideas to consider for your next kitchen renovation.

The calm, coastal feel of the Hampton style kitchen has increased in popularity over the past few years. If you love a relaxed, beachy atmosphere, a Hampton style kitchen design is for you. Hampton style kitchens incorporate light, airy touches and a sophisticated yet relaxed feel, all in the heart of your home. Make the most of the seaside all year round with these Hampton kitchen design elements.