The kitchen island is one of the most diverse features in any kitchen, providing both storage and work space. It is a wonderful and practical addition to any new kitchen design but it is not the only option. Maybe your family and lifestyle would better suit a kitchen table. If you are thinking of breaking away from the standard island, here are some things to consider when deciding between a kitchen island and a kitchen table.

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As the kitchen is the centre of the home in many households, in a large busy family it is best to consider your lifestyle when designing your kitchen. Set up your cooking space to cater to family gatherings, small children, and busy schedules with low maintenance options in mind. Minimal chaos and maximum organisation along with the following design tips will create a family-friendly kitchen to suit your busy household.

No matter how many kitchen items, utensils and appliances you own, you can never have enough kitchen storage. We are always looking for new ways to utilise kitchen space and maximise storage when planning a kitchen renovation. Thankfully, we have come up with some clever kitchen storage solutions for you to keep in mind when designing your new kitchen.

After the kitchen, the next room that requires the most effort to plan is the bathroom. The bathroom is an everyday workspace just as the kitchen, and requires detailed consideration when planning a renovation to suit your space and lifestyle. A well-designed bathroom vanity should be both practical and stylish, as the centrepiece of your whole bathroom. Here are some steps to follow for a well-planned bathroom vanity renovation which will ease the planning process for you.

Designing a kitchen means you can be creative with colour, texture and materials for all your interior features. Major elements of your kitchen such as your kitchen splashback and bench top don’t have to exactly mirror each other but they should blend and coordinate with the rest of the elements in your kitchen. Here are some stunning and effective kitchen splashback and bench top options to help you plan your kitchen renovation and ease your selection process.