The quality of your kitchen bench tops will have a huge impact on the result of your kitchen and as they are a dominant element it can be difficult to choose an option. Kitchen bench tops are the most used surface in the kitchen and should be made out of the most resilient material while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Here are some low-maintenance kitchen bench tops to consider so you can spend less time cleaning and more time entertaining in the kitchen.

Finding a place for every cooking item in the kitchen while avoiding a cluttered cooking space can be a hard task. Storage doesn’t always have to be boring and hidden away, displaying equipment out in the open can add to your kitchen’s design. Plain-sight storage in the kitchen is handy as it keeps things close at hand when you’re in a rush to prepare. Here are some creative ideas and inspiration for displaying your most used cooking items in the kitchen.

Timber continues to be a popular and traditional choice for kitchen cabinets as it comes in an array of finishes and styles. Timber kitchen cabinets offer a lot of design options for your kitchen but because they come in so many intense colour tones it can be hard to style your kitchen around them. While colour schemes such as grey, white and beige are an obvious choice, here are some other unique colour and material ideas to complement your timber kitchen cabinets and make them stand out in your kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are more spacious and create a beautiful alfresco dining experience. With summer BBQs, hot evenings and day light savings not far away, many Australian’s are searching for an ideal way to open up their kitchen to the outdoors. Expose your kitchen to the fresh air and sunlight and avoid being cooped up near a hot cook top this summer. Here are some helpful design ideas on how to open a kitchen to the outdoors.

The kitchen is the room where extra storage is most needed. People are always looking for new ways to fit an extra cupboard in here or a shelf in there to optimise their space in the kitchen. Storage trends have been changing a lot over the past few years, so we’ve made a list of our top 5 kitchen storage trends.

Are you concerned about your homes impact on the environment? Most of us use reusable bags at the supermarket, separate out rubbish into waste and recycling, use energy saver lights and are conscious about our water use. So why not continue this way of thinking in our kitchens? The Truth is, every kitchen in Australia contributes to our country’s environmental load, but there are things we can do to help.