One reason why many people renovate their kitchen is to increase the value of their home. Even if you’re not planning on selling your house anytime soon, renovating your kitchen is a big investment and you want to get the most out of your time. The problem is, knowing what to do to increase the value of your home without going overboard.

When most people are remodeling their kitchen or starting from scratch, they spend endless hours collecting inspiring kitchen photos. This is a lot of fun but doesn’t always end up helping the person; it can actually make the process harder, especially if you love more than one style, which most people do. The tough part is to narrow down the options and find what you want your dream kitchen to look like. Houzz and Pinterest are great online tools to help with this, here’s how to use them.

There’s nothing worse than running back and forth between your indoor and outdoor kitchen when you have guests over, by the time you get to sit down and relax, the party is almost finished. This can be avoided if you design your outdoor kitchen so it can function like your indoor kitchen. This does not mean it has to be massive, or have every top of the line appliance, it just means you design your outdoor kitchen to have everything you need when cooking outside.

When designing kitchens, you often hear about the work triangle in which the refrigerator, stove and sink are all placed so that they form a roughly equilateral triangle. This is a great concept to use when designing a kitchen, especially a smaller one, but another idea that is gaining popularity is the idea of work zones rather than the triangle. This means that you group appliances and fixtures according to use. Here’s how to apply work zones to your kitchen design.

Country kitchens are beautiful, but sometimes that old world look just doesn't quite fit into the overall style of our house. A popular theme is to create a modern country kitchen. By selecting the right cabinets doors, benchtops, appliances, sinks and lighting, you can get the country style kitchen you want with some modern touches to create a beautiful kitchen in any home.